Children Full Year Program (5-18 years)

Haptic Dance Arts offers a full year program to provide students the opportunity to delve deeper into their training and further explore technique, style and performance.   

This program runs September to June and students will be provided various performance opportunities throughout the year. Students are placed in their classes based on age and previous dance training/experience. It is recommended that students have previous dance experience however not mandatory and students can book a placement class with Miss Claire to learn where they best fit into the program.

Full Year Program Classes

Acro Dance (offered for ages 6 years & up)
This comprehensive program  is based on simple thoughtful progressions that take the beginner preschool level dancer from log rolls and summersaults to the advanced dancer tumbling effortlessly across the stage!  If you have a little one who loves to bend, roll and tumble, then this program is for them.

Ballet ( ages 7  years & up )
We’re excited to be adding Ballet classes to our Full Year Program.  Offered to students in levels Junior 1 & up, these classes will focus on alignment, posture, balance and coordination, while delivering a strong foundation in Classical Ballet.
Students ages 12 & up are eligible for our Pointe classes with pre-approval by our Ballet Instructor – Miss Anali

Dance Technique  (ages 6 years & up)
This core program is what makes Haptic Dance Arts unique!  
Our Dance Technique program offer an all in one class for students to hone their fundamental skills and technique while developing their performance skills.   Primary and Pre-Junior levels offer a combination of Tap, Jazz, Ballet & Creative Movement, providing students with the basic foundation in all styles of movement.   Starting from Junior 2 & up, we focus on Jazz, Contemporary and Creative Movement and students have the option to add individual Ballet and Tap classes if desired. 

Tap ( ages 8  years & up) 
As students build their tap skills through their intro and combo classes, we break out Tap into it’s own class for students in levels Junior 2 & up.  This provides tappers the opportunity to hone their skills in a class that focuses on rhythm, technique and the foundations of tap.   Our Tap classes are based on both the Gilbert Tap and ADAPT syllabus.

Contemporary ( ages 12  years & up) 
Often based on ideas over movement, Contemporary dance blends ballet, jazz and authentic movement techniques to develop storytelling through movement. Contemporary is offered as an individual class for students in levels Intermediate & up.