Why ‘Haptic’ Dance Arts?


TECHNICAL: adjective

relating to the sense of touch, in particular relating to the perception and manipulation of objects using the senses of touch and proprioception

Enriching Mind, Body and Spirit through Discipline, Technique and Performance

Message from the Director
As dancers, we require the sense of touch to help inform our training.

The beginner dancer will first develop their sense of touch through their relationship with the floor. From there, they will move to training with the barre to help develop stability and deepen their confidence.

With continued training, we will develop the student’s sense of focus, discipline and technique.

I believe that once an individual starts dancing, they will inevitably have the desire to share with others. Whether they find the opportunity to share in a classroom with their peers or on stage in a full production, developing the sense of affecting others through performance, ‘touching’ the audience is what truly opens up the pathway to dance as an art.

As a dance educator, it is my privilege to share dance with my students.  Whatever their age, level or ability, I strive to offer a unique experience for each student. Through developing discipline, technique and performance, my goal is to develop strong-minded dancers who respect and appreciate the artistry of dance.